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‘Once it’s happened, it will be over’ @ Avenue Road Gallery, February 2013

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Photo by Anne Ebeling


 Artist’s talkArtist's talks and discussion @ The Salon, Avenue Road Gallery

 Responses from the publicSome fantastic responses to the installation

Another response

Natural Frequency

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‘Angry Birds’ @ IMOCA last year

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Angry Birds is a parody of the popular web based game by the same name. The work is an interactive and entertaining experience of the personal and public crisis concerning what difference one person can make against the accepted establishment.

By turning virtual space into reality through the use of vacuum packed flesh and bone the work questions our perceptions of what is real and what is not. Like Foucault’s pendulum, once an Angry Bird is set in motion it can’t be stopped, it can illuminate reality and engage people.

In ‘Angry Birds’ the individual is represented by the lifeless bird, void of flight. It depends upon external stimuli for propulsion. The three pig heads (or the Holy Piggery) symbolize a conservative government, unconcerned with the actions of the individual. Bureaucracy is insinuated by the tether attached to the bird, only through a repetitive motion can interaction with the pig heads be achieved. The power of the people move the individual just as the individual can progress the people.



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ted again

‘kitchen hero’ drawing on it’s way from Sai Wan Ho to Leitrim…

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Hitler & the Arts Council

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